WSD residential series membranes are fully capable of removing the organic matter in water, microorganisms, viruses, metal ions, radioactive ions, carcinogens, scale, heavy metal ions, and other harmful substances. Majority of dissolved salt ions and pollutants cannot penetrate the membrane, but water molecules can pass through and allow drinking water for house.

Stable Rejection Rate
Minimum Rejection Rate
Average Permeated Flow(GPD)

Testing Conditions  

Feedwater ------------------------------------------  60Psi(0.41MPa)
Feedwater Temperature ----------------------------   25℃
Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCL)-----------  250PPm
Feedwater PH value --------------------------------  7.5-8 
Recovery Rate -------------------------------------- 15%  
Operation Limits and Conditions

Max. Working Pressure ------------------  125Psi(0.86MPa)
Max. Inflow Temperature ----------------   45℃
SDI Max. Inflow SDI  --------------------   5
Residual Chlorine  -----------------------  ﹤0.1PPm
PH Range of Feedwater  -----------------   3-10
PH Range of Cleaning  -------------------   2-12
Max. Pressure Drop  ---------------------   10Psi(0.07MPa)

●Permeate flow for each RO membrane element would be 15% floating up and down according to the feed water under the standard test condition.
●Above data are test data for continuous running of 30 minutes.
●Provide personalized customized products.

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