WSD Quick-Connect Filter:It's easy to install, filter can be freely combined, and has a sleek design. With the latest molding technology and professional plastic injection techniques, the filter takes direct insertion without thread and use 100% imported material so that we can end threaded filter deformation and leaking after the water hammer influence. With this product, WSD can provide standard drinking water in this one solution.

Using the high quality coconut shell activated carbon, WSD is able o use its large surface area and strong absorbability to remove peculiar amell, chlorine, organic materials in water, etc. to pratect the RO element and keep feed water purification.

Flow  >2L/min   Filter material  PVDF membrane filter
Voltage <0.6Mpa Filter media Acid coconut shell activated carbon
Tem. <60℃ Iodine value 0.01μm
Size 9"/11”    

*The product applies only to the municipal water.
*The product must be installed by professional, users cannot disassemble it.
*Specific replacement cycle is according to the difference of water quality and consumption.
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